Unlock the potential of employees, partners, and customers with a platform that is designed to be built around your business, your brand, and your experiences.

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Our Promise

We make three promises to all our clients. These promises are what we believe are central to any successful human capital transformation initiative and we are steadfast in our pursuit of living up to our promises to the fullest.

Performance Impact

Measuring employee, partner, and customer performance is key to measuring the ROI of your learning platform. Unlock LEARN sets you up for success with role-based dashboards, powerful data integrations, and custom-built data visualization for measuring what matters most to your unique organization.

Learning Experiences

As a recognized leader in corporate training for over 30 years, Infopro Learning built Unlock LEARN to solve the unique challenges of a learning product. We understand learners have less than an hour a week to spend on our tool, so we make the most out of every minute.

Operational Excellence

We designed Unlock LEARN for efficiency, helping you maximize the return on investment of your resources. We do this by simplifying LMS administration, increasing automation, and fighting to keep the cost of our platform incredibly competitive.


Course Management

Manage courses in minutes by uploading content, selecting the order for delivery, and assigning it to users.

Tests and Surveys

From simple to complex, build quizzes and surveys to help check for learner engagement and content adoption.


Selling content has never been easier with powerful features that allow you to customize your offerings and sales models.


Create a repository of certificates and then add them to courses or programs for automatic delivery.

Teams and Departments

Robust user management and role-based permissions allow the LMS to mirror your existing platforms.


Allow learners to collaborate through videos, comments, and everything in-between, while closely monitoring all activity.

Branding and White-labeling

Match the brand experience that your learners have come to expect with advanced branding and white-labeling solutions.

Self-service Reporting

Powerful, but simple, get instant access to the date you need, whether you are in the training department or sales department.

Digital Learning

Designed for digital learning, we simplify the delivery of SCORM, PDFs, or even YouTube links, to maximize learner engagement.

Classroom Training

Manage even the most complex classroom training requirements; from roster management to in-person grading.

Unlock Apps

The Unlock App Marketplace was designed to help organizations create a product they could truly call their own. These applications are designed to work in any Unlock environment with minor modifications to match your unique requirements. We are constantly developing new apps as we strive to deliver on our brand promises.

Business Performance

  • Performance ManagementPerformance Management
  • Data VisualizationData Visualization
  • Talent DevelopmentTalent Development

Learning Experience

  • gamificationGamification
  • Learning Experience PortalLearning Experience Portal
  • Enhanced VideoEnhanced Video

Operational Excellence

  • Integrate EverywhereIntegrate Everywhere
  • AI ChatAI Chat
  • Outsourced SupportOutsourced Support

Client Success

There is nothing more important to us than the success of our clients. For that reason, we have a dedicated client success team that meets with you periodically to perform a detailed analysis of how you are using your tool. Their job it is make sure you are getting every penny of your investment back with improved performance, learning experiences, and operational excellence.


We have been supporting global organizations with their learning technology for over 25 years. Few other companies can make that claim. Our experience has led us to take a unique approach to support. 24x7 is the baseline for us. We take it 1,2…10 steps further by creating custom support plans to match your unique needs and we do not charge an arm and a leg to do it.

Global Support

24/7 support with offices located across North America, Europe, and Asia

Outsourced Administration

End-to-end LMS administration at a fraction of the cost

Custom-built plans

Whether you need instant chat or integration with JIRA, we have you covered.

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comma If you’re in the market, and you like hands on support provided by some really great people, this is the LMS for you. And it will not break your budget.

comma The GnosisConnect team is professional, courteous, and on-time. I can't say enough good things about their staff; truly, they are a pleasure to work with!

comma GnosisConnect was able to put all of our learning management into one system. Previously this was spread across multiple channels. Our company is very customer service focused and we were beyond Impressed with GnosisConnect's customer service and support.

comma A great LMS backed by an excellent support team! I like that Gnosis is willing to implement new features and functions that are not included in the system out of the box.

What your peers had to say

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