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Unlock LMS is a product of Infopro Learning, a leader in corporate training for over 25 years.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to extend organizational capability and capacity to deliver transformational learning. We accomplish this by living up to our three brand promises:

Learning, then Engineers

We are not your average learning technology company. Our deep roots in corporate training are what guide the development every feature, screen, and icon within Unlock LMS. We value engineers, but we do not rely on them to understand the complexities of corporate learning.

 Arun Prakash - Unlock LEARN Team Member

Arun Prakash

Visionary for the Unlock LMS product, Arun has over 25 years under his belt of understanding how people learn and how they can apply those skills to improve business performance. From floppy disks to Palm Pilots, Arun has lead the charge for learning technology his entire career.

Kamlesh Srivastava - Unlock LEARN Team Member

Kamlesh Srivastava

Award-winning learning technologist, Kamlesh has been creating innovative learning technology for over 15 years and he led the charge to develop the very first version of Unlock LMS. His passion about the product and his team is widely publicized throughout our product reviews.

Nolan Hout  - Unlock LEARN Team Member

Nolan Hout

Leading sales and marketing for Unlock LMS from the start, Nolan strives to put Unlock LMS in the hands of every organization that is serious about making an impact on their bottom line with corporate training.

Himanshu Kumar  - Unlock LEARN Team Member

Himanshu Kumar

Highly competitive digital architect, Himanshu is responsible for designing and delivering the core technology of Unlock LMS that supports our mission of unlocking human potential.

Austin Smith - Unlock LEARN Team Member

Austin Smith

Passionately leads the most important team at Unlock LMS, customer success. Austin transformed the team to become business analysts, focusing every conversation around improving return on investment for our customers.

 Andrea Turner - Unlock LEARN Team Member

Andrea Turner

Supporting customers around the globe, Andrea will not end her day without ensuring our customers are satisfied. With over 20 years in supporting L&D clients, there is no challenge Andrea has not already solved.

Working with Unlock

We will unlock your potential. That is the mission that our company strives to live out for our clients and our employees. As an employee, you will have every opportunity imaginable to unlock your potential, but it starts with having four key attributes.

  • Innovative

    The heart and soul of our company is creativity and innovation. We find new and better ways of doing things. We continuously strive to improve our business and our clients business. We challenge the obvious.
  • Ambitious

    We are overly ambitious because we know it can be done. We raise the bar in everything we do. We strive to exceed expectations.
  • Committed

    We are a group of highly motivated people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose to achieve amazing results.
  • Humble

    We celebrate the amazing work of our employees and accomplishment of our clients, but we are also humble as we continuously strive for perfection.
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comma GnosisConnect was able to put all of our learning management into one system. Previously this was spread across multiple channels. Our company is very customer service focused and we were beyond Impressed with GnosisConnect's customer service and support.

comma A great LMS backed by an excellent support team! I like that Gnosis is willing to implement new features and functions that are not included in the system out of the box.

What your peers had to say

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