Corporate Learning.

For over 25 years, we have been been a trusted partner for creating innovative learning solutions. This is what we know best. You will find many of the features within Unlock LEARN have been designed uniquely for corporate learning, from detailed classroom training functionality to top tier support.

What you will love

Quiz and

Dual-purposed tool designed to collect data on whether learners were able to retain their knowledge, while also measuring course feedback.

Simple Course

Manage courses in minutes by uploading content, selecting the order for delivery, and assigning it to users.

Flexible Teams and

Robust user management and role-based permissions allow the LMS to mirror your existing platforms.

Self-service Reporting

Powerful, but simple, get instant access to the date you need, whether you are in the training department or sales department.

Built for your users

  • LMS Administrators

    Extensive market research highlighted that less than 20% of LMS features were used 80% of the time. We designed our entire tool around this 20% to shrink the time and effort required to manage Unlock LEARN.
  • Training Manager

    Whether you are wearing manager and LMS admin hats, or just one, you will love the simplicity of the tool for you to attach, assign, and deliver learning content across any modality that you want. In short, it just works!
  • Department Manager

    Get instant access to the information you want to see the most with our self-service reporting tool. Unlock LEARN also comes equipped with a robust notification system to alert you to the most pressing items over email and system alerts.
  • Instructor

    Everything you need to manage a physical or virtual classroom session is packed into Unlock LEARN. We make your life even easier with bulk uploads and downloads to keep all your content in one place, online or offline.
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What your peers had to say

comma If you’re in the market, and you like hands on support provided by some really great people, this is the LMS for you. And it will not break your budget.

comma The GnosisConnect team is professional, courteous, and on-time. I can't say enough good things about their staff; truly, they are a pleasure to work with!

comma GnosisConnect was able to put all of our learning management into one system. Previously this was spread across multiple channels. Our company is very customer service focused and we were beyond Impressed with GnosisConnect's customer service and support.

comma A great LMS backed by an excellent support team! I like that Gnosis is willing to implement new features and functions that are not included in the system out of the box.

What your peers had to say

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