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    3 Ways Corporate LMS can Personalize Training Experience

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Creating personalized training experience for corporate workforce is no easy feat. Organizations face a wide array of challenges when it comes to deploying the right kind of Learning Management System (LMS) to cater to the pertinent learning needs. The new-age corporate LMS delivers training content as per the diverse job roles, learning habits, and even provide personalized recommendations on how to unlock business success. Moreover, the LMS can easily track and assess learner progress to measure the effectiveness of training.

Corporate LMS delivers custom training content in the form of videos, quizzes, games, webinars, and simulations to optimize learner engagement and retention. It personalizes training experience in the following three ways:

  • Delivering Self-paced Learning
    Does the thought of allowing LMS users to access training content at their own pace scare you? Then, it should not. Giving learners the flexibility to undergo training per their convenience helps to bridge skills-gaps, improve knowledge retention, and unlock performance. Modern LMS creates personalized learning paths per the diverse learning needs, thus empowering employees to achieve their goals and attain success.
  • Creating Adaptive Content
    The perfect online training platform is the one that adapts content per the learners’ training needs and business requirements. While some learners find videos more captivating, others may consider a simple podcast is enough to understand the subject. Therefore, it is best to deploy corporate LMS that supports content into multiple formats accessible on multiple mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The content can be repurposed time and again as per the bespoke training needs- be it compliance, onboarding, sales enablement, and others.
  • Providing Valuable Feedback
    The feature-rich corporate LMS recommends training assessments such as watch a video, complete a quiz, or access a forum to analyze learner competency. Such assessments aid managers and trainers to identify the top talent and provide personalized feedback on how they can nurture their strengths. By assessing individual progress, managers can even deliver additional resources to help employees upskill, reskill, cross-train, and enhance their productivity.
  • Corporate LMS plays a significant role in fostering the relationship between a learner and a trainer. Personalized learning enables individuals to learn at their own pace, access content in the preferred format, and seek valuable feedback from their managers. Using modern LMS, learners get equipped with innovative tools that drive engagement, reduce sills-gaps, and increase business revenues. In a nutshell, modern LMS supports multi-format content, self-paced training, and online assessments to create personalized learning experience for all. This improves employees’ on-the-job productivity, training efficiency, and overall business outcomes.

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