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    5 Features an eCommerce LMS Must Have

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You may be looking at eCommerce learning management systems to enhance your business. You’ll find a variety of products, each claiming to be the best. Many of them offer numerous features, which can make the decision quite confusing. Here are five features you will want for your eCommerce LMS.

1. Easy to Use

One of the most important features to consider when choosing an eCommerce LMS is its ease of use. It should be easy for you to figure out and teach others, but it’s critical that the platform is straightforward and user-friendly for the customer. Otherwise, they will look for another company that offers a more usable platform.

2. Ability to Integrate

While the ability to integrate with other platforms and programs may not be important for a business just starting out, it becomes essential as the company grows. The best LMS is one that works with a payment processor, CRM, human resource platforms, among others. You may want to share data across platforms, and you won’t want to input everything manually. The LMS you select should share data easily.

3. Mobile Learning Support

As more people do their learning on the go, through the use of smartphones and tablets, your LMS must be able to support this technology. The content should adapt to the various screen sizes. However, responsive design isn’t the only factor. It needs to be interactive. Most mobile learners also want the content to be delivered in bite-sized amounts. This will be quite different from what many companies offer on a traditional platform.

4. Options for Testing and Assessments

Many customers are going to want to test their learning or that of employees. They may want to issue certificates of completion or other documents to show that the user has satisfactorily learned the material. There may be a need for pre-testing and post-testing. You’ll need to decide how you want to test, and an LMS should offer flexibility. For instance, multiple choice questions may be the ideal option for one test while another may use long or short answers. Reviewing answers will be important, and you must determine what is a passing grade or if all answers must be correct.

5. Management of Content

The LMS you choose should support courses that are created and placed on the platform, but it should also include existing documents and even videos and offline learning. Some materials may need to be shared between courses or users. Managing content should be simple and easy for you to ensure that it’s seamless for the users.

These are just a few of the features you’ll find on many eCommerce LMS platforms. However, they are some of the most critical considerations to ensure superior results. Don’t let a lot of hype about the available platforms distract you from selecting those with the most important criteria to enhance your business success.

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