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    Benefits of Learning Technology for Retail Workforce Training

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With changing dynamics in the retail space, most companies are looking for innovative solutions to stay competitive. Implementation of powerful learning technology such as Learning Management Systems (LMS) impacts employee performance and business revenues in a positive manner. Today, most retail companies focus on delivering personalized eLearning solutions and developing a more engaged, upskilled, and performance-aligned workforce. So, an LMS enables the globally dispersed employees to undergo training as per their diverse job roles, which, in turn, helps drive workforce performance, improve retention, reduce skill gaps, and ultimately unlock success.

Organizations adopt an eLearning approach to meet varied training goals of the retail business. There are plenty of benefits of using learning technology for the retail sector. Let us explore some use cases of LMS for retail workforce training

  • New Product Training

There are a lot of new products with numerous features arriving in the retail market. For effective selling of new products, it is essential for retail organizations to adequately train their sales personnel about the product features and benefits to the customers. Organizations implement the powerful LMS technology to create and deliver short video nuggets, which are easier to access and quick to digest. The retail salesforce can undergo product training on any mobile device, whenever required. As a result, salespeople are better skilled in new products, thereby improving customer retention, driving sales, and improving brand loyalty.

  • Training on Supply Chain Processes

To improve any retail organization’s efficiency, it is crucial to managing the supply chain processes effectively. The retail employees need to be skilled enough in handling operations such as moving goods to retail stores, product storage and purchase, and more. An LMS delivers online courses incorporated with simulations and avatars to take employees through the steps to implement supply chain operations successfully. It also supports engaging job aids that allow the workforce to seek relevant knowledge at their convenience and the point of need.

  • Training on Compliance and Risk Management

The industry faces various challenges and risks when it comes to compliance. Companies utilize LMS as an innovative learning technology to impart custom training content in different formats that match varied job roles and learning preferences. Online courses on compliance, risk management, and workplace safety incorporating quizzes, videos, games, and scenarios drive learner engagement and knowledge retention. Consequently, this keeps every retail organization managing workplace safety and reduces legal risks while boosting employee performance and business productivity

The retail sector is known for its high turnover rates. Therefore, online training plays a critical role in improving employee retention and productivity by providing knowledge about new products, compliances, supply chain processes, and more. Unlock Learn is a powerful learning technology that delivers effective training solutions for different industries- be it Retail, Healthcare, Automobile, etc. You can request a Free Trial to leverage the benefits of the powerful learning management system and unlock your organization’s true potential.

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