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    Boosting Salesforce Efficiency with Corporate LMS: Shifting from ILT to vILT

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The current business climate has resulted in the huge transformations of corporate training landscape. Today, training organizations are witnessing a major shift from Instructor-led Training (ILT) to Virtual Instructor-led Training (vILT). Organizations are deploying corporate LMS to adequately train, retain, and upskill their remote employees, especially salesforce. As the sales professionals cannot conduct face-to-face client meetings, it becomes imperative for them to break the barrier of selling in a virtual setting, thereby fostering client relations, improving efficiency, and business ROIs.

Organizations implement corporate LMS to enhance and personalize the learning experiences. Key LMS features that support vILT approach for salesforce include-

  • Multiple Formats Support

    During these unprecedented times, most of the sales teams are connecting virtually to their global clients. Modern LMS platforms support multiple interactive formats such as videos, animations, and graphics. Some sales reps can quickly retain information about the company’s products and services, while others may save the content and watch it later, when offline. This optimizes the salesforce efficiency which ultimately turns more leads into conversions.

  • Knowledge Reinforcement

    Corporate LMS platforms deliver vILT sessions, enabling sales reps to reinforce knowledge and effectively apply what is learned in the real-life situations. In addition to sales training, the LMS caters to the diverse training needs such a onboarding, leadership, compliance, soft skills, etc. which enhance performance through reinforcements. Existing training modules can also be delivered and made available online per the learners’ needs and convenience.

  • Virtual Coaching

    Consistent feedback correlates to employee performance and efficiency. During the face-to-face ILT session, sales reps can seek queries during Q&A but later face challenges once the program is over. Online LMSs support virtual coaching sessions which enable sales teams to learn, practice, and reinforce effective sales strategies that bring better business results.

  • Integration with MS Teams and Other Organizational Platforms

    The current situation has made organizations and their salesforce to host client meetings virtually. To make the virtual sessions feel like in-person meetings, organizations implement the LMS that seamlessly integrates with various organizational platforms such as Teams, Zoom, etc. to boost salesforce efficiency and overall impact on business.

Are you still wondering how effective can be the vILT approach for your organization? With most employees working from remote locations, the need to shift from ILT to vILT approach is quite evident. If you want to implement the new-age corporate LMS that can cater to your salesforce training needs through vILT, then Unlock Learn is a viable option. The proprietary LMS supports a wide array of features such as Course Management, Gamification, Intelligent Search, eCommerce, Integrations, Virtual ILT, Analytics & Reporting, and more. To know more about Unlock Learn, you can request a free trial or contact us.

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