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    Corporate LMS for Compliance Training: The Need is Evident

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Corporate compliance is not a task. It ensures that employees, as well as the company, are protected from different liabilities and fosters physical wellbeing and workplace safety. It also improves employee behavior and creates a healthy working environment. In a traditional classroom setting, employees fail to stay compliant due to various reasons such as different modes of delivery, boring lectures, and less or no flexibility to undergo training as per their convenience.

But today, organizations understand the significance of compliance training. This is where Learning Management Systems (LMSs) emerge as a one-stop solution to cater to the compliance training needs of all. A Corporate LMS supports a wide range of features, making compliance training more engaging, personalized, and impactful.

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Compliance training is crucial as much as mandated by organizations. The trainings ensure that everyone abides by the norms and regulations that govern the industry. To deliver effective compliance training, organizations must deploy an LMS to leverage the following benefits:

  • Centralize Training Content

Corporate compliance comprises of different rules and policies which may change from time to time. Therefore, it is important to train employees and keep them updated with the changing regulations. It takes immense time and effort to refresh compliance courses whenever there is a policy update. An LMS addresses this challenge by uploading all the courses in a central repository which can be accessed anytime and anywhere. It automatically updates existing training content, allowing employees to stay compliant, engaged, and productive.

  • Track Individual Training Status

Safety and compliance are mandatory for heavily regulated industries. So, it is necessary to ensure that employees are well trained and certified on the safety protocols that need to be followed while working in hazardous workplace conditions. Managers can upload safety courses to the online LMS, making it easier for them to track individual training status and course completion rates.

  • Drive Collaboration between Learners

Most employees find compliance training programs very boring. Learning in silos can also lead to a disengaged and unproductive workforce. Collaboration feature in the corporate LMS drives employees’ interest in completing compliance training on time. When a group of learners accesses the same online courses, they engage more, retain the knowledge for long, and perform better at work. The LMS also provides the flexibility to share new ideas with peers and seek expert advice to boost the overall training impact.

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  • Support Automated Reporting

Administrators and managers must track individual training status and generate progress reports on a regular basis. Compliance reports are essential in terms of evaluating course completion dates, examining assessment scores, and identifying individuals who are not yet compliant. Corporate LMS supports an automated reporting feature that enables admins to review employee performance and provide follow-up sessions for knowledge reinforcements. An LMS also sends automatic reminders to employees about training due dates, which results in higher training participation and improved training outcomes.

With corporate LMS, organizations ensure to deliver a seamless compliance training experience so that employees collaborate more, improve their skills, and drive business productivity. If you are looking for a powerful Learning Management System that can meet the compliance training needs of your industry, then Unlock Learn can be an ideal choice. From BFSI and Automobile to Retail, Healthcare, and others, our proprietary training platform caters to diverse training needs- be it compliance, sales enablement, onboarding, skills training, and more.To know more about our product and its features, request for a Free Trial.

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