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    Delivering Videos using LMS to Train Extended Workforce

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With changing market conditions, organizations are shifting towards technology-aided Learning Management Systems (LMS) to engage, upskill, and retain external audiences. Today, corporate training has gone beyond the confines of an organization by catering to the needs of an extended workforce including sales reps, resellers, customers, and others. Video has become the most effective mode of delivering training content anytime, anywhere, and on any mobile device.

Corporate leaders utilize new-age LMS for extended enterprise training to unlock business performance and increase revenues. Let us explore the benefits of video-based learning for different audiences-

  • Sales Representatives
    The role of just-in-time learning becomes significant when it comes to training the extended workforce. Modern LMS supports short video chunks across smartphones and tablets that cater to pertinent learning needs. For instance, a sales representative wants to refresh his product knowledge before meeting a client. Then, instead of accessing an entire module, he can watch a short demo video and seek updated information while on the go. This helps the salesforce to retain knowledge, drive engagement, foster customer relations, and meet the sales targets.
  • Customers
    The extended workforce has different motives before undergoing online training. While some employees complete training as a mandatory job, others consider it to learn something new and upskill. Here comes the role of extended LMS to deliver video content for better knowledge retention and a seamless customer experience. For instance, companies create short duration videos to update their customers on the latest products and offerings that ultimately drive business impact and profit margins.
  • Partner Managers
    Using the new-age LMS to train partner managers has multiple benefits. Short duration videos are customized as per the business brand and strategy. These are used to educate partner managers at the point of need, thus improving their product knowledge and driving the company’s vision. Furthermore, extended enterprise LMS also supports an automated reporting feature that helps partner managers to assess their team’s performance to improve sales and streamline business operations. Companies from different industries that train and certify partner managers see a significant rise in product sales, revenues, and improved satisfaction with end customers.

There is no denying the fact that sales reps, partners, and customers play a crucial role in achieving organizational success. So, ensure using modern learning management system not only for internal employees but also for extended personnel. Videos nuggets of 4-5 minutes of duration also serve as the stepping stone towards adapting employee behavioral changes. So, the external audience can quickly watch a video on their mobile device and prepare themselves for future tasks. To ensure the delivery of a more personalized and engaging learning experience, videos must seek learner attention, reflect the right context, and meet the right training requirement.

If you are looking for a powerful LMS that delivers content as short video nuggets, then Unlock Learn can be a perfect choice! The online learning portal caters to the diverse corporate training needs from compliance and extended enterprise training to onboarding, sales enablement, and more. Unlock Learn supports a myriad of features including videos, gamification, Artificial Intelligence, analytics & reporting, and so on. You can request a Free Trial or Visit Us to know more about the features, use cases, and advantages of Unlock Learn.

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