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    Deploy Learning Technology to Enhance Workforce Performance

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With the changing focus of organizations and automation of business processes, workforce training needs have also evolved. Organizations understand what role Learning Management Systems (LMS) can play in helping them to grow and succeed. They implement the powerful learning technology to deliver effective training as per the pertinent needs of new-age workforce. Improving performance and business productivity can be a daunting task if employees are not adequately trained.

Also, different employees have varied training needs as per their needs, skills, and job roles. Therefore, using the right type of training platform to deliver relevant eLearning courses for the intended audiences serve as a differentiator in terms of performance, retention, and overall impact. Nowadays, it is essential for organizations to deploy LMS as the new-age learning technology to improve performance enhancement and increase ROIs. Let us explore the ways the LMS can help in improving workforce performance-

  • Bridging Competency Gaps

    The new-age training platforms deliver performance-led learning solutions to close individual competency gaps. The LMS can integrate with other enterprise software systems like Salesforce, HRMS, etc. to fetch employee performance metrics and identify the gaps. Based on the metrics, the powerful learning technology assigns relevant training material that can help with closing those gaps. Ultimately, this enables employees to improve their skills set and gauge business efficiency.

  • Providing Mobile Support

    Whether you are in office, at home, or travelling, the mobile-aided LMS allows easy access to the relevant information at the point of need. For instance, a sales representative who is mostly on the go, wants to recall about the product usage and its features before meeting a client. He/she can quickly watch a short 2-3-minute video on the personalized smart device as per the convenience. This helps the sales rep to reinforce maximum knowledge, thus increasing the chance to win the deal and retain the client. Ultimately, this boosts the sales employee performance, increase business sales, and overall uptake.

  • Driving Collaboration

    Modern LMS enables learners to learn and collaborate through videos and comments to share ideas with the peers. Employees can even seek expert advice or discuss their work related problems with their managers at any point of time. Today, when everyone is working from remote locations, collaboration through an online LMS plays a critical role in improving employee engagement, thereby accelerating performance, driving employee retention, and attaining organizational success.

  • Supporting Real-time Feedback

    Learning Management Systems allow users to self-assess their performance based on the real-time feedback from their managers and peer groups. Assessments can be shared in multiple formats such as short quizzes, post learning surveys, or Multiple-Choice Questions, and others. Based on the assessments, employees get instant feedback from their supervisors after completion of the course or a training module. This encourages the workforce to stay engaged, reinforce knowledge, improve efficiency, and ultimately enhance overall performance levels.

  • Delivering Personalized Learning

    Today’s workforce prefers learning based on their diverse job roles, interests, learning habits, etc. Organizations deploy modern LMS technology to deliver custom training content based on the personalized learning needs, varied job roles, and learning histories of their geographically spread workforce. When training is bespoke training requirements and preferences, employees feel encouraged to perform better, collaborate more, and stay competitive.

Today, LMS is considered as the most powerful learning technology that enables learners to successfully accomplish their training goals by

  • Ensuring that learners can access ample learning opportunities as per their personalized needs, job roles, and preferences
  • Ensuring that short chunks of training modules are available at the point of need and across multiple mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  • Enabling corporate leaders and managers to review individual performance from the LMS dashboard. Based on the progress, LMS generates automated reports to help employees work on their improvement areas and improve their skills set.
  • Utilizing social collaboration feature of LMS to share new ideas with peers and develop a strong personal network to remain connected and engaged

The main purpose to implement LMS is to empower L&D teams to fulfill the learning needs of globally dispersed workforce. The focus is to ensure that learners undergo adequate training and contribute towards the growth and success of the organization. The LMS is a powerhouse of modern learning technology that scales to fit the diverse training needs, preferences, and interests to enhance workforce performance, close skill-gaps, and generate more business revenues.

With the evolution of learning technology, organizations can cater to the ever-evolving needs of their employees, customers, and partners. Advanced features such as Gamification, AI, Integrations, and others aid businesses to strengthen employee performance, and enhance business productivity. This leads to increased knowledge retention, better employee upskilling, and delivery of an improved learning experience. Unlock the potential of your employees and customers with our proprietary Unlock Learn product built around improving you brand presence and experiences. For more details, visit us or request for a Free Trial today to unleash the features and benefits of Unlock Learn.

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