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    Driving Engagement & Productivity through Gamification on LMS

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Today, it is crucial for organizations to deliver effective training that can keep their millennial workforce motivated and engaged. Delivering interactive and personalized courses can be a great way to make the learners stick to the training program. But, to boost the overall learning experience, organizations utilize the gamification feature of modern LMS. Gamification is the utilization of game mechanics in non-gaming contexts, adding fun and engagement to the entire training process.

As a corporate learner, you may wish to be on the top of a leaderboard. Or you may want to earn badges and rewards for completing different levels of a game. Such components are embedded with corporate training programs as gamification. Significant benefits of gamification on Learning Management System are-

  • Increase Workforce Engagement

    Employee engagement correlates with the success of training program and overall impact on business. If learners are not leveraging the benefits of corporate LMS, this may lead to poor business productivity and lower ROIs. Utilizing the gamification feature, learners can earn rewards, scores, quests, and badges at different levels of the game. The incorporation of award system with learning helps to drive employee engagement, driving performance and business efficiency.

  • Amplify Collaboration with Managers

    It is essential for organizations to ensure that their employees get consistent feedback and communicate well with their managers. The lack of collaboration and feedback may result in disengaged employees. Gamification incorporates competitive elements while encouraging learning at each level. Employees participate with full enthusiasm and compete with their peers to receive rewards and badges. This enables the learners to gain recognition from their managers, thereby boosting collaboration and performance levels.

  • Boost Business Productivity

    If employees feel engaged and encouraged at the workplace, they are more likely to match their targeted objectives. This, in turn, improves the overall employee productivity and training ROIs. Organizations adopt the gamification approach to align every individual to their intended goals, driving their retention and productivity to give improved results.

  • Train Learners with Unique Needs

    For Learners who face situations that are not conducive to formal learning, gamification on the LMS serves as an ideal approach. It is not possible for learners with specific needs and situations to go to the class for training. The corporate LMS supports the non-traditional gamification approach where learners can learn by doing rather than consuming the information. Gamification enables learners to develop their behavioral and communication skills and engage with fun-filled experiences.

Gamification creates an environment to deliver meaningful learning experiences. It is a critical aspect for corporate training where learners gain new skills, earn rewards for their efforts, and improve performance, making learning more fun. If you are looking for the LMS that supports gamification feature, then Unlock Learn is an ideal choice to drive business performance, boost operational excellence, and create meaningful experiences for all. From Gamification, Artificial Intelligence, and Integrations to Video-based Learning, Performance Management, and more, Unlock Learn serves it all. To request for a free demo or know more our product features and benefits, contact us at https://www.unlocklearn.com/contact-us/.

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