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    Gamification on LMS to Engage & Upskill Corporate Learners

The workplace has evolved over the last few years, and the millennial generation has profoundly transformed the corporate landscape. Today, most organizations are trying to implement a powerful technology such as a learning management system to improve the training experience while keeping employees engaged, motivated, and upskilled. Here the role of the gamification feature on an LMS comes into place. Gamification involves incorporating gaming elements into a non-gaming context, driving learner engagement and knowledge retention levels. Earlier, gamification was considered a buzzword. But today, this approach has gained immense popularity as one of the most influential modern training strategies. Today, organizations, whether large or small, adopt a gamification approach in eLearning to enhance the overall effectiveness of corporate training.

Let us explore different elements of gamification that can be incorporated with training delivered using an LMS:

  • Points

Learners earn points on the completion of a specific task, level, or training module. Once learners get enough points, they can trade those points with rewards, certificates or unlock new levels in the same training program. This helps organizations use a gamification approach to retain and upskill their employees in a more engaging way.

  • Badges

When learners achieve a milestone, they receive a badge or certificate to track their training progress. Learners must accomplish their targeted goals or show their competency to get a certificate which further encourages them to achieve more and perform better. Certifications are essential for compliance training programs to ensure every employee who successfully completes the training is compliant and efficient.

  • Leaderboards

Another important gamification element, the leaderboard, imbibe a feeling of competition and teamwork by reflecting individual/team scores. This inspires corporate learners to stay ahead in the game and secure their first position on the leaderboard. This game mechanic is also important to recognize top performers, driving extrinsic motivation. 

Here are some of the key benefits of gamification on learning management systems:

  • Better Learner Engagement

Learner engagement correlates with the overall training impact and business success. The corporate workforce needs to leverage the maximum benefits of an LMS to improve business productivity and training ROI. The utilization of badges, levels, leaderboard, and other gaming elements help boost learner engagement by keeping them motivated and connected to their teams.

  • Educate Learners with Specific Needs

Sometimes, it may not be possible for employees with unique needs to attend the training session in person. An LMS supports the modern gamification strategy where learners prefer learning by doing rather than consuming knowledge. This allows learners to undergo relevant training per their needs and hone their skills through fun-filled and engaging learning experiences.

  • Constructive Feedback

Unlike a traditional classroom setting, the gamification feature of LMS ensures that learners get instant feedback. As gamified learning occurs in a simulated environment, feedback from the manager or leader provides learners the opportunity to identify and correct their mistakes. This also helps participants understand where they went wrong and how they can work on their areas of improvement. 

The gamification feature of an LMS serves as an ideal training approach to promote learner engagement, encourage employee upskilling, boost knowledge retention, and increase training efficiency. Do you want to seek the benefits of gamification using a robust training platform, then Unlock Learn can be a perfect choice!

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