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    How AI and Chatbots Improve Learner Engagement and Reduce Burden on L&D Admins

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Hey Siri…Alexa! What’s the weather like? Cortana play “Hey Jude”….

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a major part of our lives. Whether that’s at home, school, or even at work. We have it in our phones, computers, even the little speaker boxes at our homes are purely AI assistants! As technology expands, so does the use of artificial intelligence. So, how can we put these virtual personal assistants to work at work?

Continuous learning has never been more important. The shelf life of a skill today is less than 5 years, yet employees dedicate than 1 percent of their work week to learning and upskilling. With the pace of today’s business, your people need relevant, contextual learning content delivered in the moment of need. Enter chatbots – personal assistants that can fast track your employee’s development and reduce administrative burdens on HR professionals.

Why AI?

There are a ton of streaming services able to provide recommendations to users based on what they previously have watched. Imagine if your LMS could do the same! According to the 2018 Training Industry Trends Report, “Through the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, L&D can better understand learner’s behavior and predict needs by recommending and positioning content based on past behavior.”2 LMS are now able to recommend training and articles related to employee’s job roles and current knowledge with AI.

We all know everyone learns differently. Employees can be visual learners, auditory learners, or learn through reading and writing. Direct inputs from employee pulse surveys as well as insights based on algorithms within the system can help LMS admins and L&D leaders understand how employees respond to specific content and types of delivery.

Artificial intelligence provides the data and prescriptive information to fuel personalized adaptive learning based on individual user. This kind of personalization reduces time to competency and knowledge retention, in turn, transforming your LMS and L&D department into a profit center.

Future of Chatbots and LMS

Chatbots are vehicles for AI that not only encourage learners’ engagement with your LMS, but also serve up exactly what learners are looking for in the moment of need. Employees no longer have to search through course libraries or make judgement calls on what courses they should prioritize.

Unlock LEARN has created an LMS chatbot and we call her Leyla. Leyla helps deliver personalized messages to employees based on their job title and learning programs. Leyla can deliver new content to learners every single hour through integration with Twitter that is customized to match both industry and job title. Leyla is always learning. As Leyla keeps engaging with employees, she learns how to respond and what content is most relevant to the company.

Integrated with OpenSesame, Leyla has access to more than 1,000 hours of learning content. The LMS chatbot can be customized to relay the look and feel of company brands or a persona of any existing chatbot in an organization. She has been configured to integrate with any content that lives in an LMS.

There are many use cases for AI chatbots, but they all strive towards one common goal which is to improve the experience and efficiency of the user. With the help of a chatbot like Leyla, organizations can achieve this goal.

LMS Chatbot Implementation Made Easy

We know artificial intelligence has varied benefits to employees’ learning and development and one of the easiest ways to implement AI is through chatbots! Here at Unlock LEARN, we took the initiative and have implemented Leyla into our platform.

Leyla is a turn-key solution for Unlock LEARN, but has also been built to operate on virtually any LMS on the market and can be customized to make the experience seamless for your learners.

If your LMS does not have an AI already built into the platform, schedule a demo to see the LMS chatbot in action and the Unlock LEARN team will show you how easy it is to implement AI into your employee’s learning.

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