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    How can an Extended LMS Benefit your Business?

Learning Management Systems provide an effective way to train internal workforce as well as the extended enterprise, including channel partners, customers, franchisees, sales reps, and others. Organizations implement powerful learning systems like LMS to train extended personnel and leverage benefits such as increased training accessibility and improved engagement to boost the performance of the entire team. Extended enterprise learning adds value to any business by creating a solid network of highly skilled, motivated, and empowered customers, partners, sales reps, and others.

Audiences that Benefit from Extended Enterprise LMS

When it comes to extended workforce training, the right learning system can make all the difference. Employees and partners can utilize an extended LMS for a more personalized learning experience. Few use cases include:

  • Channel Partner Training
  • This includes training and onboarding resellers, dealers, and external channel partners to improve the network and scale the business to new heights. Online training helps educate channel partners on promoting your brand and learning more about your company’s sales processes and other critical operations.

  • Customer Training
  • This involves training customers on the benefits and features of new products and services, which leads to better retention, more engagement, and increased loyalty – all culminating in better business gains.

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Business Benefits of Extended LMS

Are you wondering how an extended learning system can deliver a more effective and personalized training experience? Here are some of the business benefits that make it worth investing in an LMS for extended enterprise training:

  • Custom LMS UI
  • Organizations can utilize an extended learning management system with customized themes and features that suit different audiences in the extended enterprise network. The flexibility to choose different themes and colors creates a more personalized and seamless training experience.

  • Mobile-enabled Support
  • The external workforce is mostly geographically spread, and therefore need to undergo training, often when they are on the go. An extended LMS supports mobile learning, enabling the extended workforce to access relevant training at their own pace and convenience. Besides, mobile learning also supports the delivery of training into short duration micro-content, which is quick to digest and helps learners engage and reinforce knowledge in a short period.

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  • Reduced Costs
  • Implementing different platforms for the internal and external workforce can be expensive. The new-age learning systems also support extended enterprise functionality with custom themes and features that fit the diversified training goals and business needs. And all this can be achieved at the cost of just one LMS, thus saving costs and overall training effort.

Having an LMS for an extended workforce makes it easier to streamline learning and track progress throughout the training calendar. Unlock Learncan serve to be the one-stop solution for extended enterprise training. Key features that make an LMS the best learning system include robust user management, reporting, personalization, and more.

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