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    How does an LMS UI Improve your Learning Experiences?

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With advancements in technology, corporates are shifting their training strategy from an instructor-led approach to eLearning. This has completely revolutionized the corporate training landscape to cater to the evolving needs of the globally dispersed workforce. The shift in training means that engagement between the learner and the training content is crucial. Organizations implement the new-age Learning Management System (LMS) with an intuitive User Interface (UI) that drives overall engagement and learner experience while navigating the system.

Modern LMS is the powerhouse of technology-aided solutions and operates best when it scales to suit the diversified learning needs. It deploys multiple learning strategies to manage different training functions such as compliance, onboarding, HR, sales enablement, and others. An intuitive LMS UI improves user satisfaction, thereby encouraging learners to engage with the training courses, improve knowledge retention, and ultimately boost performance. It is not merely about the fonts, icons, menus, and colors, but the interaction if promote between the learner and the platform. Significant aspects that make an LMS UI deliver a top-notch learning experience are-

  • Ease of Use
    The new-age LMS provides a simple and easy to use UIs. To every call to action such as navigating different pages and performing actions can be done within a click. So, once the learners understand how to perform a certain action, it becomes easier for them to retain maximum knowledge and acquire new skills. Ultimately, it becomes easier for learners to access relevant information through LMS when the UI is clear, interactive, and less cluttered with unnecessary graphics and icons.
  • Modern Look & Feel
    Aesthetics provide a custom UI which improves the overall look and feel of the LMS. An interactive UI optimizes the content adoption and reflects user behavior and preferences while learning new things. When the look and design of an LMS UI is good, it results in more numbers of users navigating the system. The more is the user interaction with the system, better are the training results and business productivity. For trainers, the new-age UI helps to easily assign training, fetch progress reports, and track performance, thus mitigating the overall time and effort.
  • Responsive Design
    It is not only about deploying an LMS that is compatible with mobile devices such as laptops and smartphones. Another important aspect to consider is the LMS UI which fits to the changing needs and preferences of modern learners. It is crucial for an LMS to be responsively-designed to ensure a consistent training delivery at all times. So, whether it is a high-resolution screen desktop or a smartphone, course accessibility and user experience should remain the same.

The UI is the foremost feature that people look in the LMS, leaving a strong impression on everyone’s mind. It is preferred to use an LMS featured with an attractive UI that aligns to the personalized learning needs, job roles, and preferences of the modern learner. Apart from effective content strategy, training approach, and technology, UI is also a significant aspect that improves learning experiences. A good LMS UI drives employee productivity and knowledge retention, thus helping them contribute towards attaining business success.

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