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    LMS Technology to Drive Sales Enablement Solutions for Business

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In today’s corporate world, providing personalized and highly engaging sales training and coaching has become more critical than ever. Most sales reps need to get updated with the latest products and services, so they are fully prepared for in-person as well as remote client interactions. Business leaders also need an efficient platform that helps them assess employees’ performance, provide real-time feedback, and gauge training impact. To achieve these pertinent goals, organizations deploy corporate Learning Management Systems to train, coach and certify learners in an effective way. LMS technology platforms deliver sales enablement solutions, allowing employees to undergo training anytime, anywhere, and on the mobile device of their choice. As a result, online sales training programs allow sales executives, leaders, and even channel partners to close more deals, bridge skills gaps, and make profits soar.

Key LMS features to look out for while investing in LMS technology to drive sales enablement and unlock business success are as follows:

  • Tailored Learning Paths

A one-size-fits-all training strategy is not effective when it comes to meeting varied training goals. Organizations must utilize an LMS that creates personalized learning paths for sales teams as per their diverse training needs, job roles, and skills. For instance, organizations use an LMS to create custom learning paths that include delivering live video sessions and blended learning and online assessments to enable sales teams to succeed.

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  • Content Curation

Traditional corporate training platforms are not flexible enough to embed learning resources from outside the organization. Using modern LMS, sales teams can source and curate content from internal as well as external learning resources, the learning experience can improve significantly. For instance, sales leaders can incorporate a YouTube video from external sources into the LMS. This ensures that sales reps adopt the latest selling tactics on improving customer satisfaction and generating more revenues. So, by using the right learning management system, you can embed content in multiple formats like PDF, YouTube videos, HTML packages, etc.

  • Advanced Reporting

Traditional LMSs are not outcomes-aligned and performance-driven. Sales leaders can access advanced reports in online LMS on things such as time spent on a particular course, scores attained, training impact on business goals, total attempts made by salespeople to pass a quiz or assessment, and more. They can generate these custom reports weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly to gauge salesforce performance and increase business efficiency.

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When organizations utilize LMS technology, sales teams get more engaged, performance accelerates, client retention improves, revenues increase, and companies succeed. Unlock Learn is the proprietary learning management platform that caters to bespoke training goals- sales enablement, compliance, product training, and so on. To discover the key features of Unlock Learn, such as microlearning, gamification, integrations, reporting, and others, you can request a Free Trial.

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