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    Modern Learning Technology for Automobile Sector

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With the ever-changing regulations in the automobile industry, companies face difficulty training their workforce as per their pertinent job roles and learning preferences. Therefore, there is a vast and plentiful need to improve skills and meet the training requirements of the auto sector. Modern learning technology like LMS holds the potential to manage workforce training cost-effectively. Using a robust learning management system, automobile companies can manage a central repository of online learning courses- accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any mobile device.

The top-notch features of LMS technology empower automotive companies to train, engage effectively, and upskill their workforce. Modern LMS also streamlines onboarding and compliance training needs by providing training at the point of need, resulting in improved performance and business productivity. Key features of robust LMS technology for automotive training are-

  • Course Management

    Managing training content on the LMS is as easier as dragging and dropping files. In addition, the LMS supports different types of courses for the automobile workforce. These may include short video-based training courses on health & safety, compliance, workplace policy, dealership training, and so on. This makes automobile training more relevant and personalized, keeping employees engaged and productive at work.

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  • Anytime, Anywhere Access

    Employees in the automobile sector work in diverse job roles (Sales, Dealership, Channel Partners) and from different remote locations. An LMS supports mobile-aided training content, which are accessible at your own pace of time and convenience. Employees can also download courses on their personalized mobile devices and access them later, even offline. Relevant training courses available at the point of need help mitigate overall training costs and time, resulting in improved training impact.

  • Video-based Assessments

    To drive sales pitches and upskill the extended automotive salesforce, companies utilize the assessment features of an LMS. The short and engaging video assessments improve retention and help employees reinforce essential concepts in real-life scenarios, thus improving their on-the-job productivity.

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  • Progress Tracking & Reporting

    Continuous progress tracking and reporting are the success factors for adequate training. With the support of intuitive LMS dashboards and performance analytics tools, automobile managers track and report their employees’ progress. This also helps to improve the overall training experience while keeping employees motivated, engaged and upskilled.

Undoubtedly, the auto industry requires their workforce to undergo continuous learning so they can retain for long, perform better, and stay productive. Therefore, investing in modern learning technology for automobile workforce training is very crucial. With Unlock Learn, you can see how easily you can utilize the software to train the globally dispersed workforce. Be it Automobile or any other industry such as Healthcare, Retail, BFSI, and others, Unlock Learn can successfully cater to your bespoke training goals and business needs. Request a Free Trial and get started today!

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