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    Streamline your Employee Onboarding Process with Corporate LMS

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An effective employee onboarding process is well-streamlined and thought out. It is not one-size-fits-all strategy but varies as per the new hires’ varied job roles, functions, and cultural preferences. The faster an employee gets onboarded, the more that employee contributes towards achieving organizational success. Most of the companies are leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to transform their digital training landscape. They deploy corporate LMSs to leverage the AI chatbot feature and improve onboarding experiences. Key reasons why organizations require smart bots for onboarding include-

  • Outdated new hire program
  • Lack of HR bandwidth for timely responses
  • Information overload during the initial days of joining
  • Location-specific policies by HR teams

Employee surveys put a spotlight on the problem statement, with key new hire challenges around understanding company policies, structure, culture, etc. AI-enabled chatbots featured in corporate LMS serve as a user-friendly tool to improve the onboarding experience. These help to decrease the number of organization-related queries from the new hires to the HR teams. Consequently, this also mitigates the scope of human errors, misinformation, or any delays in response, thereby ensuring a superior onboarding experience. There are three major components of an onboarding program-

  • Preboarding Video– It is organized by leadership explaining the importance of HR bot as a performance tool during the first 90 days post joining
  • HR-led Session- An online or face-to-face orientation program delivered by the HR to clearly define the moderation support
  • AI Chatbot- Enterprise LMSs seamlessly integrate with the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) so that the HR team can leverage the chatbot functionality. The smart bots help the new hires with their initial queries regarding policies and access to project management tools, Intranet, and other platforms.

Benefits of LMS Chatbots for Onboarding

Corporate LMS feature interactive chatbots with a clear persona, interests, search history, and responsibilities like any HR employee. Key benefits of AI-enabled HR chatbots are-

  • Conversational UI

    Organizations need to monitor the various types of queries that new hires ask. So, developing a conversational user interface helps to optimize new hire’s onboarding journey. Consequently, this enables HR bots to predict what type of questions will be asked and respond effectively in minimal time.

  • Personalized Experience

    HR bot guides the new hires about how to learn and what needs to be learned based on the conversations. It searches information from the interaction history and suggest relevant content as per the individual’s search, interests, and other preferences. The AI-featured bots in enterprise LMS identifies each user and delivers a personalized onboarding experience to all.

  • Mobile-aided

    New hires can access interactive chatbots across multiple mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. This ensures employees can ask queries anytime and anywhere- at the point of need.

  • Adaptive

    All types of queries are logged in HR bots and provide data around most searched, most requested, etc. Chatbots featured in corporate LMSs are adaptive and scalable in design, thus catering to the evolving needs of new hires- whenever and wherever required.

The AI chatbot feature in the new-age corporate LMSs is completely transforming the way new hires get onboarded. Chatbots provide an unprecedented level of interactivity, ensuring a higher level of employee retention, engagement, and business productivity.

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