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    Top 5 LMS Trends 2021 that Improve your eLearning Experience

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During the global crisis, most businesses are investing in modern Learning Management Systems (LMS) to deliver a personalized training experience for all. Organizations are shifting towards eLearning solutions to cater to the pertinent needs of their new-age workforce. This results in mitigating costs, improving flexibility, while delivering custom content at reduced costs. Furthermore, advanced LMS features such as gamification, analytics, mobile learning, video based learning, and others provide multiple advantages to diverse audiences.

Following are the top LMS trends that will gain popularity in the year 2021 and beyond for improving online learning experiences:

1. Personalized Learning will Continue to Evolve
Modern LMS provides custom content that caters to the diverse learning needs, job roles, preferences, and learning habits. To enable learners to access courses of their interest, personalized learning paths are created based on their learning history. Personalized learning will continue to be amongst the popular corporate eLearning trends that will drive engagement, accelerate performance, and improve business impact.

2. Increasing Shift from ILT to vILT
During the last few years, organizations used to incorporate some part of virtual instruction in their corporate training strategy. With the global crisis in the year 2020, the shift from Instructor-led Training (ILT) to Virtual ILT (vILT) has increased exponentially. This jump is due to the major shift towards remote-first culture, leading to the rising demand for modern LMS to deliver virtual training. As most employees will continue to work remotely, vILT will remain one of the popular LMS trends in this year.

3. Experience-led Learning will Remain the Key
New-age learning management systems are continuously evolving as the experience-driven training platforms. They personalize and enhance learning experiences to meet the diverse training programs such as compliance, soft skills, sales enablement, and others. Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs) provide online learning courses based on varied job roles, history, skills, and personalized recommendations. Experience-driven learning using LMS aids learners to access courses as per their convenience, resulting in improved engagement, higher knowledge retention, employee upskilling and performance enhancement.

4. Content Curation will get Smarter
Most of the organizations manage a content repository for their employees to cater their training demands at the point of need. Modern LMS adopts a Netflix-like approach where content is delivered per the personalized job roles and learning suggestions. Here comes the significance of content curation when learners can follow their personalized learning paths and pick courses that are suggested by their managers or trainers. LMS supports smart content curation as a viable way to engage and retain corporate workforce, thereby bridging their skills-gaps, improving performance, and boosting overall training efficiency.

5. Learning Analytics will Reach the Next Level
Analytics will play a significant role for corporate training in 2021 and even after. Organizations deploy powerful LMS technology to analyze employees’ learning behaviors and their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Managers utilize learning analytics feature to measure KPIs and provide valuable feedback to employees on improving their skills, gauging performance impact, and unlocking business success.

These are some of the popular LMS trends that organizations need to watch out in the year 2021 and even beyond. These trends will remain popular in demand, thus impacting the way employees learn new skills, engage with training, and perform at the workplace. Apart from these, gamification, video-based learning, microlearning, collaborative learning, and others will continue to be listed under the hottest eLearning trends in the coming years.

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