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    Top Five Benefits of Using a Learning Management System

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Around 40 percent of training organizations in the US own a Learning Management System (LMS). Interestingly, this figure has not changed significantly over the past couple of years or so. The recent technological and web-application advancement has ushered in a new generation of Learning Management Systems which has enabled e Learning companies to deliver content and resources to their learners and manage their delivery a significantly more effective way. The LMS has indeed brought many real benefits for the eLearning industry.

Stores eLearning Content in One Location

The first benefit that accrues from a learning management system is the ability to organize eLearning content in one location. An LMS precludes the need for having eLearning content spread across different hard drives and devices – the training, performance, and development content are offered 24/7 from the same source. Storing data in one location also minimizes the risk of data loss. The use of an LMS enables multiple users to access the information at any given time. In addition, an LMS ensures consistency in the evaluation and delivery of the content and lets the user design customized training modules that can be used in many different ways, such as introducing new equipment, updating equipment, and modifying operating procedures.

Tracks Learner’s Progress and Performance

With the use of a learning management system, you can keep track of the learners’ progress and ensure that they are meeting their performance targets. Many learning management systems have reporting and analytics tools that also let you identify and modify the weak areas of your eLearning course.

Evaluates Capabilities

An LMS allows users to be evaluated before they take the course, while they are taking the course, and when they complete the course. Employers can evaluate their retention levels by periodically scheduling assignments and they can subsequently review the records to determine the levels of success.

Update Information

LMS enables you to easily update the content and information in the course. As it offers a centralized location for information, it is easy to make changes in the forms, requirements, product descriptions, and specifications. Users can then access the updated information whenever they want.

Gives Unlimited Access to Learning Materials

After you upload your course materials to the LMS and publish them, learners can easily access the information whenever they want. Even those who can’t wait for their next online training session, can login to the eLearning platform through their smartphones and tablets. This is one of the main features that make LMS an essential software application for global audiences in different time zones.

Quintessential Tool of eLearning:

Learning management systems offer many other benefits to eLearning companies and educational institutions across the world. This is why it is regarded as one of the quintessential tools of eLearning – a tool upon which all online courses and training modules are created. An efficient LMS considerably improves on the learning rates of eLearning professionals. Needless to say, the more relevant and reliable knowledge and skills these professionals acquire, the more productive and profitable the company as a whole can be.

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