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    Use Cases of Extended Enterprise LMS for Effective Training

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Organizations have reservations about implementing an extended Learning Management System- with concerns like quality of training, lack of resources, compliance, security, and more. Today, it has become easier for new-age organizations to implement online LMS to create, manage, and deliver training for both the internal and external workforce. The extended enterprise comprises customers, channel partners, resellers, sales reps, dealers, and franchisees. Providing impactful training outside the four walls of an organization helps reach a wide range of audiences and meet diverse training needs.

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An LMS is a worthwhile investment that allows organizations to deliver impactful training to the external workforce. Unlike the traditional instructor-led approach, an LMS provides online learning experiences for all, thereby mitigating costs, saving time, improving performance, and increasing business impact. Below are top use cases of LMS for extended workforce training-

  • Channel Partner Training

Companies from the Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Automobile, and other sectors have external partners who resell their products and offer value-added services. Therefore, organizations deploy an LMS to adequately train and certify their global partners, ensuring just-in-time learning and enhanced performance support. Any company that trains its external partners witness surges in channel sales, customer retention, and business growth.

  • Training Sales Reps

The focus to increase business sales makes organizations utilize extended LMS to train their globally dispersed salesforce. An LMS can deliver short bursts of content as video nuggets, short quizzes, engaging games, and others which can be accessed across any mobile device, anytime, anywhere, and even on the go. Companies deploy an LMS to improve external salesforce’s performance, resulting in increased ROIs and business growth.

  • Effective Customer Education

Over the last few years, customer training has emerged as a strategic sales and marketing initiative. An extended LMS used to deliver customer training enables organizations to measure the real ROI by analyzing their buying behavior. With adequate customer education, organizations witness a higher customer satisfaction level, increased upsells and cross-sells, and enhanced business productivity.

  • Dealer Training

Another use case of LMS for extended enterprise includes product and service training for dealers and franchisees. Inappropriate knowledge or unskilled dealers may impact the brand value of an organization. An LMS creates a personalized learning experience by providing relevant training and certifications to ensure maximum participation. For instance, providing online compliance training and certificates ensures that dealers operate as per the industry’s norms and guidelines.

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