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    Using Corporate LMS for Effective Remote Workforce Training

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The current global crisis has resulted in changing workplace dynamics. Remote-first culture is the new normal while keeping the workforce engaged and productive. Modern corporates are implementing technology-aided Learning Management Systems (LMS) to effectively train their remote employees, thus driving engagement, improving skill-gaps, and overall performance. Corporate LMS serves as an ideal platform to disseminate personalized training content for globally dispersed workforce, while instilling a proper work-life balance.

While implementing the work from home culture, many organizations faced the challenges like redefining policies, upskilling employees on new tools, driving remote engagement, etc. With corporate LMS, companies can create meaningful learning experiences, while improving individual performance, gauge training impact, and enhance business ROIs. Let us see how does an LMS helps to improve the training experience for remote workforce:

  • ILT to vILT
    The global crisis has compelled businesses to shift from instructor-led training (ILT) to Virtual ILT (vILT) approach. Major drawback of working from home is how to keep the workforce motivated, connected, and productive at the same time? Learning leaders utilize modern LMS to conduct vILT sessions so that employees can undergo online training. Both instructor and employees are at different locations and connect through a virtual environment. Ultimately, vILT delivers custom training on employee upskilling, compliance, onboarding, and others, thus boosting productivity, knowledge retention, and keeping up the employee morale.
  • Intelligent Reporting
    It is even more important for corporate managers to unlock performance of their remote teams. The new-age LMS supports intelligent reporting tools to assess individual progress and assign training courses per the varied job roles, needs, and learning habits. Managers can even generate online reports to measure the impact of training on employee engagement, retention, and business growth.
  • Instant Feedback
    Online surveys and assessments play a vital role when it comes to employee upskilling and reskilling. Managers and senior leadership utilize the LMS features to create assessments for remote workforce, identify their knowledge gaps, and provide feedback to close those gaps. The instant feedback mechanism encourages every employee to learn more, perform better, upskill, and improve efficiency.
  • Gamification
    Corporate LMS incorporates gamification feature that perfectly suits the learning needs and behavior of remote workforce. Organizations are shifting towards modern LMS that features reward mechanisms, quests, leaderboards, scores, and levels to encourage collaboration between remote teams and foster a sense of unity.
  • Today, employee learning and development is the most essential aspect to consider. While maintaining the quality of work, organizations also need to manage workforce productivity and business impact. Corporate LMS serves as the perfect choice when it comes to providing remote workforce training, while boosting performance and operational excellence. It provides custom training content that is convenient, engaging, and relevant to the diversified needs and preferences of the remote workforce.

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