• Press Release March 11, 2021

    Unlock Learn Included in the ‘Best LMS Software for Remote Working’ List 2021 by eLearning Industry

With a huge shift in the business landscape over the span of just one year, organizations must explore more effective ways of training the remote workforce in 2021. During these unprecedented times, L&D leaders are actively adopting digital learning and learning technologies to make sure that the remote workforce is suitably trained and upskilled. Learning Management Systems too have changed dramatically, and they are more performance improvement tools than catering to its traditional functions of managing learners and managing training. These LMS+LXP solutions are playing a huge role in supporting organizations in their efforts to make sure that training and learning is continuous, seamless, and most importantly, impactful.

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Infopro Learning’s proprietary learning management platform, Unlock Learn, has gained a coveted spot in the “Best LMS Software for Remote Working for 2021” list by eLearning Industry. Key highlighted features that put us in the prestigious listing include a learner-centric UI design, better accessibility, automated reporting and AI-enabled chatbots.  These features help organizations optimize content consumption and enhance “learning experiences”. The powerful LMS software caters to diverse training needs of employees working remotely, thus strengthening performance impact, increasing revenues, and ultimately, unlocking success. The feature-rich learning platform was recognized for excellence in multiple criteria including customer support, software innovation, growth potential, employee turnover and customer retention.

Arun Prakash, Product Owner of Unlock Learn celebrates the win, “With a constant focus to provide technology-aided learning solutions, we have made sure that Unlock Learn evolves with changing learning trends. Keeping in mind the very apparent shift towards a remote-first culture and extreme focus on remote workforce performance, Unlock Learn helps our Clients embrace remote work culture, while prioritizing their employees’ well-being, and overall productivity.”

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About Unlock Learn

Unlock Learn is built with state-of-art LMS technology, equipped to offer a wide range of business benefits. From mobile-aided delivery, blended learning, course management, mobile apps, AI-enabled chatbots, reporting, and analytics, Unlock Learn serves it all! Unlock Learn serves to be a flexible and effective online learning platform to streamline training processes and achieve improved business outcomes, making it a worthy investment for every organization. To know more, request a Free Trial.

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comma If you’re in the market, and you like hands on support provided by some really great people, this is the LMS for you. And it will not break your budget.

comma The GnosisConnect team is professional, courteous, and on-time. I can't say enough good things about their staff; truly, they are a pleasure to work with!

comma GnosisConnect was able to put all of our learning management into one system. Previously this was spread across multiple channels. Our company is very customer service focused and we were beyond Impressed with GnosisConnect's customer service and support.

comma A great LMS backed by an excellent support team! I like that Gnosis is willing to implement new features and functions that are not included in the system out of the box.

What your peers had to say

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