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    Corporate LMS for Remote Workforce: Training Focus for 2021

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With the shift towards remote-first culture, businesses are leaving no stones unturned in efforts to engage and upskill their workforce through effective training. Learning Management Systems are utilized to cater to personalized training requirements for workplace learners across multiple industries. Corporate leaders are embracing innovative e-learning strategies to train their geographically dispersed workforce. The scope of LMSs for virtual training delivery is also being explored at length. In the last year and moving forward in 2021, virtual learning has become the new normal. Therefore, most organizations implement corporate LMSs to drive workforce engagement, unlock performance impact, improve employee retention, and ultimately increase the business ROIs.

Apart from managing and delivering online training courses, an LMS also supports personalized training, microlearning, automated performance tracking, and more. Let’s explore why corporate LMS for remote workforce training has become essential for almost every organization and how it has become a training focus for 2021:

  • Personalized Learning

An LMS serves as an ideal Learning Experience Platform to provide personalized training based on the specific job roles and learning interests. To ensure employees stay motivated and productive, corporate managers deliver curated content that matches the bespoke training needs of the remote workforce. For instance, sales reps need to undergo training on how to do contactless selling more effectively. While some sales professionals may need to undergo soft skills training others may want to seek product training. Based on the specific skillset, job roles, and learning habits, the LMS recommends custom training content that helps to drive performance, increase customer retention, and boost overall sales.

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  • Performance Monitoring

A feature-rich LMS enables managers to monitor individual progress and provides feedback. The LMS creates statistics and charts to showcase the progress of every remote employee who is undergoing virtual training. It also provides assessments to analyze the total number of employees who accessed training courses, individual scores attained, time spent on each module, etc. Consequently, this enables managers to provide valuable feedback and motivate their remote teams to perform better and retain more knowledge.

  • Engaged Learning through Gamification

Organizations also leverage the gamification feature of corporate LMS, enabling remote employees to engage, retain, and upskill. Different gamification elements such as rewards, quests, levels, scores, and leaderboards encourage employees to develop new skills, increase team collaboration, and accelerate performance levels. This imbibes a sense of competition and reduces the stress of working in isolation, leading to a happier, motivated, and productive workforce.

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  • Collaborative Learning

The experience-led learning management systems meet the pertinent training needs of remote employees through collaborative learning. The collaboration feature of corporate LMS allows the distant workforce to engage with leaders, seek expert help during training sessions, and even share their ideas through comments and videos. The impactful knowledge-sharing sessions and remote collaboration increase employee morale, build a positive work environment, and unlock business success.

Organizations worldwide have realized the need of corporate LMS to effectively train their remote employees in the year 2021 and beyond. Are you looking for a powerful LMS that can cater to the virtual training needs of your global workforce? Then, explore the features and use cases of Unlock Learn, the proprietary learning management platform that strengthens performance impact, improves knowledge retention, and unlocks the potential. To know more, you can Request a Free Trial.

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