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    Emerging Role of an LMS as a Performance Management System

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Performance management is an essential process in which employees and their managers collaboratively plan and review overall goal achievements and individual progress. This enables organizations to motivate and retain their workforce while delivering training that caters to their bespoke needs. Besides, this also fosters a continuous learning culture across the organization. As you all know, different employees have different job roles, skills, and learning preferences. So, delivering the right kind of training content to the intended audiences serve as a critical differentiator for performance enhancement. And here comes the role of LMS as a robust performance management system, helping employees contribute to business success and unlock productivity.

Effective training helps employees engage, upskill, and retain, and ultimately their performance shoots up. Key highlights of an LMS serving as a performance management system include-

  • Employee Upskilling/Reskilling
  • Organizations need modern LMS to provide training as per the changing career paths, job roles, KRAs, and learning habits. When you advance current skills (upskill) or present new skills (reskill), a robust performance management system like LMS help close the skills gaps. The LMS maps the desired skills to different courses and job roles, helping managers and employees identify which training courses are available and how they best fit upskilling/reskilling.

  • Gamification

    An LMS also supports a gamification feature that emulates the advantages of performance management. Incorporating gaming elements (scores, badges, levels, and leaderboards) with training courses encourages employees to accomplish the desired goals, improve knowledge retention, and boost performance. In addition, the learning management system helps employees keep track of their activities and overall progress by looking at the dashboard.

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  • 360 Degrees Feedback
  • Managers can share training assessments with their teams through LMS. They review assessment results to monitor individual performance towards achieving the desired goals before conducting a review meeting. Managers and supervisors can also utilize 360 Degree feedback feature of an LMS to manage workforce performance. This serves as a suitable means for managers to get employee feedback from their peers, highlight their areas of improvement, and guide them on performing better.

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Organizations can also drive performance management using an LMS by making training available at the point of need, promoting social learning, and evaluating progress through automated reporting. In a nutshell, investing in a learning management system is a great decision to take performance to the next level and promote business growth.  

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