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    Engage & Motivate your Workforce through Gamification in LMS

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An engaged learning environment is crucial for organizations to improve employee retention, drive performance, and increase training ROI. Modern organizations are thus shifting towards a gamified learning approach to deliver engaged learning experiences for all employees. L&D departments are looking for innovative ways to engage, encourage, and upskill learners with technology-aided learning. Utilizing the gamification feature of a Learning Management Systems (LMS) is often the most effective strategy to train a globally diverse workforce, in an engaged and immersive manner.

Gamification in LMS is a popular feature that caters to the diverse training needs of modern corporate learners- be it onboarding, sales enablement, compliance, skills training, and so on. With the incorporation of interactive elements such as badges, levels, scores, and leaderboards, gamification motivates learners to upskill, engage, retain knowledge, and perform better. Moreover, gamification also embeds attractive themes that imbibe competition and creates higher levels of engagement. Let us explore how gamification helps to drive employee motivation and boost engagement-

  • Making Learning Engaging
    Gamification helps to create interactive learning journey that perfectly suits the training needs of the targeted audience. Rewards and levels make learning more interactive, encouraging learners to not only complete assigned courses on the LMS but go the extra mile to earn credit. Furthermore, gamification imbibes a great sense of competition which leads to better team collaboration, increased performance, and higher learning uptake.
  • Recognition through Rewards
    The feeling of achievement that rewards and badges bring on successful completion of a level or module motivates the learner to engage more with the learning content. Getting recognition from supervisors or peers encourages employees to complete training more effectively. Consequently, gamification in LMS enables learners to bridge knowledge-gaps, collaborate with the team members and unlock business success.
  • Embracing the Journey
    The learning journey is yet another significant aspect of gamification that allows learners to follow tailored paths to meet pertinent goals. Consider an example: A new hire needs to undergo an online onboarding program to get familiar with the company’s culture, policies, and norms. The program may include multiple courses or modules within the LMS, each with varying level of importance. With the gamification feature of the LMS, the courses that are more relevant can be flagged off to assign bigger rewards, making sure that the learner does not ignore them at all means. The learning journey of the recruit can thus be charted more effectively.
  • Providing Real-time Feedback
    Organizations also leverage the benefits of gamification in LMS to provide valuable feedback to learners in real-time. On achieving a milestone, learners are rewarded with badges and scored on the leaderboard. Managers also provide immediate feedback to every learner on their progress. Ultimately, gamification encourages learners to hone their skills, improve knowledge retention, and unlocks their true potential.

In conclusion, rewards, leaderboard, feedback, and other interactive elements of gamification inspire learners to achieve more and perform better. The amalgamation of all the benefits of gamification in LMS leads to improved performance impact, higher retention levels, better engagement, and greater ROIs. Organizations adopt the gamification approach to inspire their employees to actively participate, drive team collaboration, and develop new skills.

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