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    Using Corporate LMS to Track and Measure Learner Progress

A Learning Management System (LMS) serves as the perfect platform to create, manage, and disseminate online learning courses for diverse audiences. It supports various features from course management and administration to tracking, reporting, and more. There are different LMSs available in the market, but every company needs to find the one that caters to its specific training requirements. One of the significant reasons organizations invest in a corporate LMS is its ability to track progress and measure training results effectively.

An efficient corporate LMS can track different kinds of information to analyze the overall training effectiveness. Here are the few reasons why LMS proves to be the best choice for monitoring and measuring training results:

  • Regularly Track Learner Progress
    Working in an organization where employees need to finish specific hours of training or meet their mandatory training requirements, using an LMS can be the perfect way to track the progress of all employees. There may be some employees who scramble to complete their training hours. Using LMS-generated reports, managers can send out reminders to those employees to not fall behind and complete their training on time.
  • Ascertain Adequacy of Learning Content
    Modern corporates deploy an LMS to deliver personalized training and generate real-time reports on individual test scores attained by employees. When the average test score is low, it may be because of few reasons, such as a new delivery method is adopted or a new instructor is being hired. Managers need to evaluate the adequacy of learning courses and decide if there is a need to update courses.
  • Determine Employee Competency
    To ensure the effectiveness of your training program, companies must analyze whether their employees are competent in their pertinent job roles. Assessment results or test scores tracked from an LMS may determine whether an employee fits the job or needs further training- product training, sales enablement, compliance, and more.
    Corporate leaders can also compare job roles in varied departments to identify and address the training challenges. If some employees consistently score low, managers can assign relevant training courses to reduce competency gaps and boost the training impact.

A robust corporate LMS generates custom reports which provide important information about individual progress and overall workplace competency. This information can drive organizations to deliver effective workforce training- both instructor-led and online. Consequently, this builds an adequately trained workforce who are more efficient, skilled, engaged, and productive. In addition, all this information tracked by an LMS also provides valuable data at your fingertips, thus improving the overall training efforts and unlocking business success.

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