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    How does an Online LMS Boost your Onboarding Experience?

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Employee onboarding can be a time-consuming and daunting process if done without proper planning. New hire training is crucial to familiarize employees with the organizational goals and culture to understand their job roles and boost productivity. It becomes the priority for Human Resources as well as business leaders to deliver an effective training program for new hires. A Learning Management System (LMS) serves as a powerful platform for induction training to make the workforce feel connected, prepared, and motivated. Companies need to share onboarding materials on rules & regulations guides, IT policy, HR policy, and other essential templates with new employees. They implement online LMS to automate the entire onboarding process, thus driving performance and improving retention levels.

Role of Online LMS in Boosting Onboarding Experience

Right from uploading, delivering, and updating training content, an LMS serves it all! So, to facilitate the onboarding process, it is essential to deploy the right learning technology that caters to the bespoke training needs. Here are some of the ways an online LMS can help with improving employee onboarding experience for an organization-

  • Delivering Microlearning Content
    An LMS supports the delivery of microlearningcontent as short videos, quizzes, engaging games, and more. This empowers new hires to access relevant information at the point of need across their personalized mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. For instance, delivering 2-5 minutes video nuggets can help to improve the onboarding experience by reducing overall training duration, improving skill gaps, and increasing knowledge retention.
  • Creating Tailored Learning Paths

    Training that caters to varied job roles and preferences is another challenge for successful onboarding. Powerful learning technology like LMS helps create personalized learning paths to help employees adjust to their new positions and feel motivated at work. For instance, gamification of onboarding training courses helps create tailored learning paths, allowing new hires to feel engaged and inspired by their scores, rewards, and overall accomplishments.

  • Providing Pre-employment and Post-training Assessments

    With an increasing shift towards remote-first culture, the online recruitment process can go smoother by providing pre-employment assessments. This ensures that the hired candidate matches the desired skillset and fits the job role. In addition, the learning management system also supports post-training assessments to gauge the overall training impact, ensuring all new employees are well prepared to start performing at work.

To make the onboarding process right, organizations must leverage the above-discussed LMS features such as microlearning, assessments, personalized learning paths, and so on. A successful onboarding program can make your workforce feel connected, adjust to the new work culture, and cater to the job requirements. Implementing an online LMS is a worthwhile investment for any organization that wants to boost onboarding experiences and build a happier and productive workforce. Unlock Learn is a powerful learning management system that offers custom training solutions, including onboarding, sales, compliance, extended enterprise training, product training, and more. To explore the key features and important use cases of Unlock Learn for different business verticals, you can also request a Free Trial.

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