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    Top Trends to Train Remote Workforce using Corporate LMS

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In response to the global pandemic, remote work culture has become the new normal. Many organizations have adopted remote training models to improve their bottom lines without hampering their employees’ efficiency. Although corporate training has been shifted towards digital learning platforms in the last few years, the culture of working from home has even speeded the process. Many industries, you know, were still not prepared to transform into a remote-first work environment. With a corporate LMS, organizations can effectively train their remote employees- making them capable of handling complex business operations, upskill on new technologies, and maintain liaison with the clients to grow and succeed ultimately.

Top training trends that organizations follow using the powerful corporate LMS systems for their remote employees are-

  • ILT to Blended Learning

    With remote working, instructor-led training (ILT) is no more a viable option. So, there is a gradual progression towards blended learning strategy because of the new workplace dynamics. Blended learning aligns to the personalized needs and enables remote workforce to leverage the benefits of both online as well as instructor-led training sessions. Corporate LMSs support training at the point of need, giving employees the flexibility to access courses whenever they want to learn something new or refresh their knowledge.

  • Upskilling & Reskilling

    The ‘continuous learning’ mindset is crucial for any business to unlock success and boost productivity. Organizations are now utilizing digital learning platforms like LMS to offer reskilling and upskilling programs to keep employees engaged and motivated. When we talk in the long run, this helps boost employee retention, accelerate performance impact, improve team collaboration, and increase training ROI. With custom learning paths, curated content, and social collaboration, an LMS helps remote employees hone their skills, reinforce knowledge, and seek growth opportunities.

  • Microlearning for Performance Support

    The delivery of short nuggets of information in the form of quizzes, videos, flashcards, and more helps drive workforce as well as organizational performance. With shorter attention spans, microlearning is gaining popularity by allowing learners to get information on their fingertips- anytime, anywhere, and on any mobile device. Corporate LMSs deliver micro content to offer performance support through engaging refresher courses that are accessible at the moment of need. Watch a ‘how-to’ video or an infographic on the ‘pros & cons’ are quick to digest, enabling learning to retain knowledge and perform better in their job roles.

  • Constructive Feedback

    Timely feedback from managers and trainers can help remote workforce to upskill, connect, and stay productive. The culture of continuous learning and constructive feedback helps improve job satisfaction, knowledge retention, and boost the employee morale while working remotely. Corporate LMS systems provide pre-training and post-training assessments so that managers can share constructive feedback with their teams. This helps remote workforce to unlock their potential, develop new skills, and ultimately drive performance.

By adopting some of these training trends with a corporate LMS, you can make sure that employees stay connected, motivated, and upskilled. Unlock Learn is our proprietary learning management system that caters to the ever-evolving training needs of remote workforce. You can request a Free Trial if you want to know how Unlock Learn can help improve training effectiveness when implemented correctly in the remote-first work culture.

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